Dating back to the time when the nomadic Turks learned to grill and roast meat over campfires, the kebab is now a fast food phenomenon.
Given the numerous types available, it helps to understand that kebabs are categorized by the way in which the meat is cooked. Thus the name ‘doner kebab’ – from the Turkish meaning literally ‘turning barbecue’ – explains the way the meat is grilled by being slowly rotated on vertical skewer.
The unique taste owes more to the fact that the livestock used have been raised in open pastures, than to special marinades. As a result, the source of meat used is of vital importance to the quality of the kebab- a fact which Istanbul Catering passionately believe in.


A Company dedicated to quality. The facts

  • Established in 1963, the company employs more than 150 staff at their state-of-the-art production centre in Leeds.
  • With a background firmly rooted in food production, the partners have in excess of 40 years of experience in the industry between them.
  • Now the proud owners of fleet of trucks, the company transports its product to upwards of 100 wholesale distributors nation- and Europe-wide.
  • Initially operating throughout the UK, Istanbul Catering have since set their sights on expansion into Europe.
  • Already a force to be reckoned with, the company strives to continually improve their reputation within the industry.

Istanbul Catering. Where tradition meets technology

Respecting the heritage that lies behind the modern kebab, Istanbul Catering are dedicated to combining traditional preparation techniques with latest processing facilities. Adhering to strict hygiene regulations and unrivalled quality standards (working @ ISO 9000) , Istanbul Doner undergoes rigorous testing at the food laboratory.
In addition, the meat is sourced from a Halal-accredited supplier. All of this goes towards reinforcing Istanbul Catering’s reputation for producing doner kebab of quality that’s second to none.

The highest quality meat from an exceptional supplier

Today the Oakfield Food Group is one of the leading meat suppliers in Europe. With a philosophy that’s key to their success, they guarantee “meat products of the highest quality in terms of flavor, succulence and tenderness. Their relationship with Istanbul Catering has much to do with their quality control assurance, that only the finest quality livestock are processed utilizing the most modern and hygienic processing techniques.

Each delivery has its own certificate as above.

Istanbul Catering are supplier exclusively by the Oakfield food certified Halal meat suppliers, whose product is approved for consumption by the Islamic community.

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